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Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Getting ready for surgery? Or maybe you’re recovering from a procedure? Either way, you can speed up healing through physiotherapy. At (clinic name), we treat patients before and after a variety of procedures, such as arthroscopic surgery, head and neck surgery, hernia surgery, and orthopedic surgery. Our team will use the best possible exercises and types of massage to improve recovery.

The Role of Pre Operative Physical Therapy

Our pre operative rehabilitation program is designed to prepare patients for undergoing surgery. We use the latest techniques to improve healing time and reduce pain. Pre-surgical rehabilitation involves conditioning the body through exercise. This step is just as important as rehabilitation after surgery. For instance, studies indicate that the knee’s functional ability post surgery depends on its functional ability before the procedure.

Improving your strength and now can result in better outcomes after surgery. Our programs can help shorten the length of your hospital stay and reduce the need for post-operative rehabilitation. We focus on several areas, including your strength, balance, flexibility, joint stability, cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion. Most pre-operative rehabilitation programs last four to six weeks depending on you needs.

Physical Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, our team will show you how to get on and off a chair, use assistive devices, and improve your mobility. We will teach you pain management strategies and create an exercise plan for faster recovery. Post-operative physical therapy can be a crucial par of returning back to your normal activity.

A skilled therapist can help reduce the side effects of surgery, such as pain and inflammation. We are happy to assist patients before and after ligament repair, arthroscopy, decompressions, tendon transfers, total joints replacements, and ACL repairs. Our programs can decrease the risk of complications and help you achieve full range of motion. Contact us today to find out more!